Red Freeform Home Decor Vase

This freeform home decor vase/container object was made in January 2018 to commemorate the passing of a freeforming friend.

To create an overall impression of “red” numerous shades and tints of red were chosen. These ranged from lipstick red; to orange, orange-red and marroon; as well as hot pink and burgundy.
Apart from the variation in color, interest is also created by the textured nature of the crochet elements. This was achieved by combining lots of small freeform patches containing many bobbles and through the use of ‘button’ add-ons.
At its base is a sturdy cardboard tube, originally the protective packaging for a bottle of whiskey.

This style of freeform crochet is lots of fun and easy to learn for freeform newbies, provided they have a good grasp of basic crochet stitches and a willingness to experiment and improvise.

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